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The company manufactures diversified product range as described below

Sweaters (Flat knits)

Designs: Many interesting designs are made by the company including all kinds of intarsia, cables, jacquards, different structures, textured fancy effects stripes etc.

Yarns: Yarns used are acrowool, merino, acrylic, cotton, acryliccotton, mercerized cotton, Compact cotton, pumacotton, gizacotton, cotton/nylon,viscose, vertexviscose, viscose/nylon, Linen, cashmere, different fancy yarns etc.

T-Shirts (Circular knits)

Different fabrics like cotton, cotton/lycra, cottonslub, viscose, vertexviscose, viscose/lycra, Cotton, cotton/lycra, viscose/polyester, cotton/linen etc are used to make a wide variety of designs.

Value Addition

Value addition has always been a strength of the company. Different surface treatment are used to beautify garments in vivid designs with printing, dyeingeffects, cold pigment dyeing, ombre, sprayprinting, embroideriesetc

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